Vineyard Shark Divers was founded in 2011 to provide people with a first class shark diving encounter on the island of Martha's Vineyard. The Vineyard is home to many species of sharks during the warmer months of the year. From June through October blue sharks, makos, and thresher sharks are found in the waters just off the island. Our boat and crew has over a decade of experience finding and observing these sharks throughout the summer months.

All of the gear needed for our trips is provided and you can either jump in the cage to view sharks or stay on the deck to view from the surface. For the adventure of the summer give us a call or email and book a trip with us to see the sharks of Martha's Vineyard.

Vineyard Shark Divers was started by coast guard licensed Captain Bryce Rohrer.  Bryce has worked on the water and with sharks for over a decade.  His work has taken him to Alaska, working as a commercial fisherman, to South Africa, where he served as a principle shark dive guide.  He has a deep understanding of ocean wildlife and years of experience safely navigating its waters.  He has worked with several professional underwater photographers and has years of experience bringing clients out on water.  With over 100 shark dives under his belt and having guided hundreds of clients in the water, he has the experience to make your day a success.  When Bryce isn't on the water, he is traveling or working to expand his underwater production company and shark diving business.

Our mission is provide our customers with a once in a lifetime experience out with sharks.  Whether you’re in the cage for the first time or free diving with the blues this is an adventure you won't forget.


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